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How Could He?

How Could He I usually hear these three words when someone is teaching on Elijah (I King 19), and they are expressing their confusion of how a man so powerful that he can pray to God and the Lord rain fire from Heaven in one chapter. Then in another chapter he runs for fear of what Jezebel will do to him.  And at only the word of her threat he hides under a tree and asks for his life to be over. Yet, I want to submit for your consideration, that this is the reason why Elijah was perfect for all of the other miraculous assignments given to him by God.  Elijah seemed to just appear out of no where in the bible.  He was from Tisbe.  No one had heard of him before God called him forth.  He was bold and Godfident.  He performed miracles and when his mantel was passed on to Elisha, he performed double the amount of miracles than Elijah.  His final one happening after his death.  (Contact with Elisha’s bones, brought a man back to life.) So, how could a man so anointed seem to run and hide in

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