HE said, HE said

Numbers 23:19
GOD is not man, that HE should lie, or a son of man, that he should change HIS mind.  Has HE said, and will HE not do it?  Or has HE spoken, and will HE not fulfill it?

Late last night my 17 year old son and I began to talk.  I wasn't really sure where the conversation was going.  I felt led to tell him how I was feeling about a particular situation.  When in that moment, he spoke up.  I knew whatever he was about to say was going to be profound.

He has this way about him.  He and his sister both.  From the time they could speak, they would come and give me a word from the LORD.  Literally, to have your four year old daughter walk up to you in the midst of your silent prayer and say "GOD told me to tell you that HE loves you and that HE is with you." Or to have your eight year old son come to you and say that he needs to go to the church to speak with the Pastor because GOD has given him a word to speak to his people and he needs to deliver it by a certain time.  Then sits you down and begins to tell you what it is that GOD has told him to speak to HIS people, scriptures and all.  Or to even have your children both lay their hands on you and pray for GOD to heal you and you are made whole.  Oh yeah, when the LORD directs them to speak, I sit up and take notes.

This conversation was no different.  As I went on to tell him about guarding our hearts and our minds.  How that seemed to be the place of attack for all of us over the last week or so.  My son simply replied, "I have been kind of dealing or was in a place the last day or so.  But you know if GOD says HE's got us, if HE gave us HIS word that HE is going to take care of us.  If HE has given us any kind of promise, then we've just got to rest in that word."  He went on to say.  "See the thing is, that GOD simply cannot lie.  HE cannot do it.  For it would mean that HE is not GOD. So because HE is GOD, and HE exists, than HIS promises have to come to pass.  So that's what I'm going with."

I too am going with that!  I am making a conscious choice this day no matter what it looks like, feels like or even sounds like, I'm going to stand right here on the word of GOD and I'm waiting expectantly for HIM to fulfill every promise HE has made.



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