Revelations 12:11 ESV

And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.

From the time I woke up this morning I've felt led to just give GOD thanks.  To testify of HIS goodness.  This scripture rose up in my spirit within minutes of the LORD waking me up.  So I asked my two prayer warriors/accountability partners to join me in stating at least one thing we are thankful to GOD for every hour.

I hope you know that the more we give thanks; the more we testify.  The more things we find to be grateful for.  I want to challenge you to stop looking at, focusing on and thinking about how you feel in your current situation.  I know sometimes it's easier said than done. Yet, what I know is that it can be done.  Forget your feelings and open your mouth.  Tell GOD thank you for all HE has done.  Tell your co-workers, loved ones and neighbors of the great things that HE has done for you.

Not only will you begin to feel better, but you're gonna see things change around you.  Those you testify to will be reminded of a time our GOD was faithful to them.  Then as they rejoice, they'll tell someone else and on and on the testimonies will go.  On and on will we praise HIM for HIS goodness and we will overcome the enemy!

Speaking of overcoming, there is an amazing artist who has a song entitled "Overcome".  If you've been sleeping on her, you better wake up because this girl will sang (yes sang) the shackles off you!  Go to itunes, google play and any of your other music apps and buy this song by Courtney Ballestero.  I promise you it'll change your life.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/overcome-single/id1239544602


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