Sharpen or Cut

Proverbs 27:17 ESV

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Who are you listening to?  From whom are you receiving your advice?  Are you walking this journey alone?  Are you the church goer, who doesn't realize you are only a church goer?

No matter how much you show up to the house of GOD and hear the word spoken.  If you are not feeding on the word and not connecting with another believer who will hold you accountable you are loosing your edge.

You see iron sharpens iron.  However, if you are making contact with wood, your blade is becoming dull.  Wood is thrown into the fire where it is consumed.  This is what happens to Christians when they are not being sharpened by other Christians.  The enemy runs a muck in your thoughts.  He lies to you and condemns you day and night.  Without someone to stand with you and speak the word over your life or to encourage you to make the right decisions according to the word of GOD.  You are as good as destroyed when the enemy turns up the heat.

However, when metal is placed in heat, it is refined and sharpened.  I want to encourage you today to find an accountability partner who has the same desire to please GOD as you do.  Pray and ask GOD to lead you to the person who will sharpen you and to whom you can do the same.



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