The Miracle in the ER

As I'm writing today's blog I'm in the ER with my son. I was really not wanting to come. But I knew he wouldn't rest until he had something on paper saying he wasn't dying.

His soul knew he was not dying but his mind was another story. It was under attack.

What I realized just a short time after we arrived is that this ER visit was the miracle I prayed for as I laid my prayer request at the alter.

It was not just a miracle for my son, as he sat next to me and told me how he's going to truly live his life for GOD. How he knows he's fine but how HE thinks GOD allowed it to make him get himself together.

As, he finished I felt the LORD tell me to be as transparent as possible. I responded to him by telling him how my faith comes with a battle. How even though I've laid hands and watched others be healed. Or how many time I've prayed specifically for someone to be blessed and GOD answers always; that I often feel doubtful for my own promises and blessings.

I realized at times I am much like my son was tonight, just needing a word of confirmation to his healing.

Tonight in the ER waiting room we both rededicated our whole heart, soul and mind to GOD. We believe the word of GOD for our lives. So we've agreed to walk by faith and not by sight.



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