The Picture of Us

Job 7:17 ESV

What is man, that you make so much of him, and that you set your heart on him,

As I sat this morning listening for a word to share today, I asked the LORD to quiet my spirit so I could hear HIM clearly.  As, I waited for HIM, the status of my heart came up.  I told the LORD that I trust HIM with my heart.  HE has assigned me to love someone who has done everything to make themselves unloveable.  Yet, my assignment remains to pray and to love.  So before I could consider all this person has done, The LORD said what do you think you all looked like from heaven?

So often we consider the torture of the cross, and we "talk" about how much JESUS had to love us to endure the cross.  Yet, we fail to consider that JESUS had full knowledge of who we are, even this day.  Meaning HE saw everything we would do and be even before we gave our lives to GOD.  HE saw every sin, every bad thought and every poor decision.  At that moment every last one of us was without hope.  There was nothing attractive about us; nothing that made HIM want to love us and definitely nothing that would make anyone want to die on a cross for us.

However, HE did just that!  Only love can see us as we were and choose to become us on the cross (filthy, dirty and shunned by GOD) so that we can become like HIM in the earth.  Only love, perfect love would allow such a sacrifice.  So with this reminder today, I choose to still allow the LORD to use my heart to love others.  I choose to still stand in the gap and plead the blood.  Without HIS blood covering me that day on the cross and everyday thereafter; I would be most lost.

Will you allow GOD to use your heart today?  I know they don't deserve your love and forgiveness, but you didn't deserve HIS; yet here we are.....



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