Choose to be

John 8:36 ESV

So if the SON sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Yesterday in services a young lady sang a song and the words to the song said "I choose to be free!"  This reminder blessed my soul.  You see JESUS set us all free over 2000 years ago when HE went to the cross, carried our burdens and forgave all of our sins.  Even though our GOD gave us such a beautiful gift, HE will never force us to accept it.  We must choose to accept and walk in this freedom everyday of our lives.

So if HE set us free, why do we have to choose to be free?  Because, GOD will never force you to walk in the freedom that HIS blood bought for you.  HE will never force you to love HIM and accept the abundant life that HE has for you.   That is not who GOD is.  HE has given you this gift, but HE will never force you to take it; unwrap it and accept it.

Think about it on a human level.  If you were locked up and imprisoned and the guard came and called your name and said "(your name here) you are free to go.  Someone has paid your bail and yes, you are free to go."  Would you stay?  Would you say no thank you this cell works for me?  No, you'd probably knock the guard over trying to get out.

I'm here to remind you that your bail has been paid, the restraints are off and the door is wide open.  It is my prayer today that you will choose to walk in the freedom and liberty that GOD has given to you!  It is not too late.  GOD does not take HIS gifts back.  Freedom is still yours!  So get up, and choose to walk in it today!



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