From beginning to end

Job 1:1 ESV

There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job, and that man was blameless and upright, one who feared GOD and turned away from evil.  

Job 42:12a  ESV

And the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning.

I want to encourage you today to keep moving  your feet.  So often we are tempted to stop just short of our breakthrough and our blessings.  We may not like to admit it but sometimes the journey in between is hard.  We'd prefer for our stories to be told in the way the two verses above were just read.  That Job was chosen by GOD to endure a trial and that his end was greater than his beginning.  Yet there are forty-two chapters of Job.

The events in these chapters between GOD choosing Job and blessing Job are filled with ups and downs.  It is filled with moments of loss and pain.  Yet I say to you, do not despise the chapters in between.  Do not lose in those moments when things seem unfair.  Or the moments when it seems that even those closest to you think you've gone off the deep end.  Don't be moved when they stop believing and tell you to curse GOD and die. Don't even be moved when you find yourself angry and full of frustration while also still full of faith and hope.

I say to you, don't give up!  You see just like with Job, your story has already been written.  From the beginning our GOD has already penned victory and an abundant restoration at the end of your story.  It is my prayer for you today that you will regroup, refocus and keep on moving in the direction for which GOD is leading you.

I am excited in my spirit as I think of you and all that GOD has before you.  I've watched HIM perform miracles in the lives of those around me.  Those who prayed through tears, who fought to hold on to their hope.  Because our GOD is no respecter of persons, I wait expectantly for many more testimonies of victory.   Stay the course, and remember that the GOD of Heaven is with you every step of the way.

We are in a season of breakthrough and abundant blessings.  Don't miss yours.  It would be sad to find out that had you hung in there just one more day, the breakthrough you were waiting for was just around the corner.  Allow the things you endure from beginning to end to serve their purpose which is to grow you and make you stronger, all while giving GOD the glory!



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