Praise First

Psalm 75:1 ESV

We give thanks to you, O GOD; we give thanks for your name is near.  We recount your wondrous deeds. 

So often at the beginning of a work week we are tempted to complain.  We talk about how fast our weekend flew by.  Perhaps we'll discuss how we need just a little more sleep.  Yet, I feel encouraged to tell you today, to praise first!

Give GOD glory in that HE has kept you another day!  Praise HIM for all of the wonderful things HE has done and that HE has in store for you life in the days to come.  Praise HIM even if HE does not do another thing for you.

Remember, we have what we speak and we speak what we think.  So I suggest you think on good things.  I suggest you speak on HIS greatness.  I know that GOD will honor your praise with HIS presence!

As I consider my life and all of the things I have been through in just the last few years all I can find in my heart is a song of praise unto our GOD.  No, it wasn't all easy.  There were even times where I found myself praying prayers similar to that of  JESUS' let this cup pass from me request.  Yet, even in those time where HE answered me with a no, I still praise HIM.

Beyond what I've experienced, beyond what I have felt.  What I know is that GOD is faithful and that HE is soooooo worthy of our praise.

Will you join me today in praise?  Will you let the LORD of Lords and the KING of Kings know that you appreciate HIM?  Will you decide to tell someone just how good HE is, instead of complaining about the start to a new work week, on a job HE has blessed you to have and prosper through?



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