The determining factor

I John 4:18 ESV

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.  For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.  

I love my children.  They are by far at the top of my list under GOD.  I'm a single mom, but even before as a married mother my children have always been a priority for me.  Not just in the sense of motherly responsibilities.  Such as feeding them first, keeping them clean and taken care of them.  That all came as a given for me because I love them.

My children know that there is not a force on this earth that will stop me from protecting them.  They know that I'll slay any demon and confront any human being without fear, because of my love for them.  They trust that I won't do them any harm in any way.  My children understand that everything I do is for their betterment.  Even when they don't understand me.  I began asking them as children; "Will you just trust what you know already about me?  Think about what you know about me.  Think about the things that I have already done for you in your life."

To this day, be they right or wrong my children know that they can come to me.  They know that we can have "just talk" time and I'm going to listen to them.  They know that I'll bless them not just with material things, but I'll bless them with my mouth.  I speak life to them and I cover them with the word of GOD.

I do not share this because I am perfect or think I deserve some type of award for being a great mom.  I want none of these things.  My two children are award enough for me.  When I think about how GOD chooses us, and how everything HE does is perfect.  I have concluded that HE thinks allot of me to entrust me with these two very special souls.  So I've received my reward.  Yet, I share this because someone needs to know that you have a parent who loves you this way.  HIS name is JESUS!

There is nothings JESUS will not do for you.  You can come to HIM right or wrong.  HE can do what I do for my children because HE did it for me, and that's forgive.  However, I can only forgive acts, HE forgives sins.  Everything you've ever done, your savior forgives.  Just to help you receive that, HE died for your sins knowing what every last one of them would be before HE got on that cross.

Today, I pray that you will accept the love of GOD.  That you will allow HIS love and sacrifice to be the determining factor in your life.  I pray that you'll receive a new revelation of who you are to HIM and the gift you are to this world.  May you operate in the full power and authority our Heavenly FATHER has given unto you and may everything you touch be blessed abundantly in JESUS name!


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