Unfailing Love

I Corinthians 13:8 ESV

Love never ends.  As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.

There is no greater thing in this world than love!  The word says that GOD is love.

Yet, in this day and time it is often the last thing that we see.  I want to challenge you today to love.

I know this "challenge" sounds easy as you quickly survey the people in your mind that you can show love to.  Some of you quickly thought about your spouses, children, parents, best friends, etc.  Yet, I am going to challenge you to allow GOD to use your heart to love on someone who isn't so easy to love.  Will you love on someone whose mission in this world "seems" to be to make yours miserable?

 You know that person on your job that gives you a hard time. Or for some it may just be your spouse or your child.  Whomever it is that may seem to be so unloveable, distant or just plain difficult; I challenge you to allow GOD to use your heart to show them love.

Love never fails.  The love of a mother to her drug addict child, is the reason that some of you are even alive to read this message.  A brief moment to say hello to the cashier or someone you meet in passing, may just be the "Hello" that gives them the courage to live another day.  For they had been contemplating ending it all today.  Yet your kind hello and sweet "GOD bless you", gave them the courage to make it one more day.  That one more day is the day that GOD's blessing for them showed up.  Yet had you never spoken a word or showed some kindness towards them, they never would've made it to see their breakthrough.

I know this task can prove difficult.  So often we are faced with individuals who make loving them difficult.  Yet, the word still holds true; love never fails!  It's our answer to everything.

Remember that the road to the cross was difficult for our Savior.  Yet, HIS love for us caused HIM to walk it!  I want to encourage you to be like JESUS today.  Put aside your own feelings, wants and needs and love past the hurt, the pain and the embarrassment.  Forget about you, because it's not about you.  It's about allowing GOD to use your heart to show HIS love to a dying world.  Will you allow GOD to use your heart today?



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