Who are you rolling with?

Luke 5:19-20  NIV

When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of JESUS.  When JESUS saw their faith, HE said, "Friend, your sins are forgiven."

For the last couple of weeks, I've pondered GOD's love towards me as I realize just how much HE indeed loves me.  The increase of my knowledge in this area continues to change my world.  What caused the ponder was the small group of true friends HE has encamped around me.

I've had those who look the part, talk the part and for a while appear to walk the part, but eventually they move on.  GOD allows a divide and their season ends.  I've learned to praise GOD when those seasons come to an end.  For HE knows what is best for me and this has all been a a part of HIS plan.  Yet, in this season of my life, GOD has done the most amazing thing.  HE has given me a group of GODly friends that will ride with me til the wheels fall off and then they will grab the side of the car and paddle like Fred Flintstone to get me to the place GOD has called for me to be. 😎

You see, recently I was in a situation where I pondered giving up on a certain promise.  I had taken some blows and it felt like I could not move forward.  These individuals know my purpose, they are aware of my promise and most days believe GOD for it more than I have.  So when they saw their friend injured (in the spirit) they rallied around me and when I could not muster the words, they tore back the roof and lowered me right in front of JESUS (they solicited HIM in prayer on my behalf).

I do not doubt that this man who was paralyzed saw this great crowd as they approached the place where JESUS was.  Can you imagine his thoughts?  "How do I ask my friends who have already carried me such a long way on this bed to find a way in?  What will be their response?  Will they..... and before he could ponder another thought.  Without a discussion amongst his friends...... He is being hoisted up to the roof.

You see no where in this scripture does it tell us that they stopped to discuss it.  No where does it tell us that they even considered that they could not do it.  It says .....but finding no way to bring him in.  Meaning they tried every conventional way possible.  Yet when the normal didn’t work, they stepped up their game (literally).  

The thing that really blessed me was when JESUS saw “their “ faith, HE forgave his sins and made him whole.  Who are you rolling with?  Can your friends faith for you move GOD on your behalf?  If not, I suggest you check your surroundings.  I pray GOD will give you friends like HE has given to me that will stand in the gap when you can’t even muster the words to speak.



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