At your word!

Luke 5:5

But Simon answered and said to HIM, "Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net."

GOD has spoken to you.  HE has told you to do it again.  You've toiled over this vision.  You've toiled over this promise.  You've done everything you know how to do.  You have the fortitude and the know-how.  Yet, nothing so far has seemed to shake loose or to fall into place for you.

Yet, I urge you to move at HIS word.  The LORD already knew that Simon and the others had toiled all night.  The LORD is not moved by our past failures.  Your previous outcomes do not scare HIM nor does it change HIS power.  For the word says that the LORD got into Simon's boat and asked him to push out from land.  Then the LORD began to teach the multitudes from the boat.  When the LORD was finished speaking HE said to Simon, " Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch."

You see the LORD stepped into Simon's situation (the boat) used his situation to teach others a lesson, and because Simon was obedient when GOD was done using Simon, HE blessed him.  The LORD blessed him so abundantly that HE had to get help because his net was breaking.  Those around saw this blessing and was astonished.  The disciples forsook all after this and followed JESUS.

This catch this time is not only about to blow your mind, but it will astonish all who see it and because you took the LORD at HIS word and obeyed HIM; the overflow blessing will not only bless you, but it is going to change the lives of everyone around you.  I pray that it will push you into that place where you follow GOD relentlessly!



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