I choose to believe

Mark 9:23 NKJV

JESUS said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes."

GOD has in the past given me a word about believing.  HE has before led me to this same scripture, but today my heart rejoices on another level as I read this word again and pen this blog.

You see for almost 15 years now I have been writing devotionals and words of inspiration and GOD has almost always given me a word in the moment.  Yet in the last month HE has given me the word in advance.  HE has been specific about the days in which I should deliver each message.

I share this because this morning when GOD woke me up to speak to me, HE reminded me of several things.  When HE was done with me, I declared that I choose to believe HIS word for my life.  Then as I sit at my desk to pull out my journal with the subject and verse for today.  There it was written many days prior the words "I Choose to Believe".

At some point in our lives we have to unequivocally make the decision to believe.  We must believe without doubt that GOD cannot lie and that every promise that HE has made to us shall come to past.  We must believe that in spite of how we feel, what things look like, who leaves and who stays that we are going to stand on the word of GOD and believe it without a shadow of a doubt.

Things will come and go in our lives.  Yet, GOD and HIS word remains forever.  Do not waste time spinning your wheels trying to make things happen.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the promise of GOD that we forget that it is HIS job to fulfill the promise and it is simply our job to believe it.  We work, but we work in the mindset that we've already received what HE has promised.  So we're not hung up on the promise, because we are busy working for the promise keeper!

I pray today that you will be encouraged to believe GOD for the impossible.  That you will trust HIM to heal your marriage, to turn your financial situation around.  I pray you will choose to believe HIM to still bless your business; to give you that baby and to save your loved ones.  I pray that you will simply take HIM at HIS word!

Remember, HIS promise may not manifest the way in which you pictured it or hoped it would.  Yet, when it does it will always be so much better than what you could even think or imagine.



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