The Journey There

Genesis 41:14  NKJV

Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon; and he shaved, changed his clothing, and came to Pharaoh.

Before this moment Joseph endured much hardship.  He was sold into slavery while his brothers lied and told their father that he was dead.  He was lied on and thrown in prison.  Yet everything he endured on the journey to Egypt prepared him for this moment.  The moment when Pharaoh would call for him.

Something was brought to my attention in a sermon this past weekend.  Not once did Joseph hesitate nor did he ask any questions when he was told that Pharaoh had sent for him.  For GOD had prepared Joseph along his journey for this very moment.

Never once is there record that Joseph complained.  Nor did he try to defend himself when he was falsely accused.  There is no record that he ever got mad with GOD or charged GOD wrongly.  He just kept being Joseph.

No matter what was done to Joseph, who Joseph was at his core did not change.  I know this to be true because every where that he went GOD's favor went before him.  Every where he landed, no matter how low it may have seemed; Joseph was elevated.

I just believe in my spirit that GOD had proven HIMself to Joseph in times past.  I believe that GOD revealed HIMself to Joseph.  So that Joseph did not fear anything that "appeared" to be a hindrance to him.

I solicit you today, to embrace the process.  Your journey may be hard and long.  It may even seem like one uphill battle after the next.  Yet, I say trust GOD.  Allow HIM to speak for you. Allow HIS favor to go before you.  Move out of HIS way, and watch HIM open doors for you!



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