Romans 4:21 ESV

fully convinced that GOD was able to do what HE had promised.

Convinced - completely certain about something.  Firm in one's belief, especially with regard to a particular cause or issue. To believe firmly in the truth of something.  

I woke up with my spirit full of expectation.  Not just for me and my household, but for you and yours also.  So I asked the LORD to give me the words to encourage you today to keep pressing, to keep believing and to hold fast to the word of GOD and HE gave me only one word..."convinced".

Noah, Abraham, David, Vivian, Ciera, Chris, Shan, Jan, Courtney and you (insert your name here).  The one thing we all have in common is that we ware convinced that GOD is able to do what HE has promised.  We are convinced that HE is not only able, but HE's willing and that it has already taken place because HE has spoken it!

You may wonder, how can she put her name in the same sentence as Noah, Abraham and David?  Well, how can you not?  We are also the children of GOD and HE has made us a promise.  The same way HE made these men promises and they built arks and gave birth to children, We also will see HIS promises manifest in our lives.  You see I am convinced that since I serve the very same GOD they did thousands of years ago and that HE has not changed; I am convinced that HE is going to fulfill every last one of HIS promises to me also!  I am so convinced that I expect it to happen!  I expect it today!  I expect it to-now!  Not tomorrow or 30 years from now.  I expect every day to be the day of supernatural miracles, signs and wonders in my life.

I want to encourage you this day to live as though this day is the day!!!  I pray you will be convinced in your soul that GOD is indeed faithful and that what HE has promised to you has already taken place.  I pray that you will walk in expectation and power.  I pray you will live and praise HIM now as if it is already yours, for it indeed already is!



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