When HE says nothing

Matthew 15:21:23 NKJV

But HE answered her not a word.

What do you do when GOD says nothing?  What do you do when it seems as if the GOD of heaven is ignoring you?

The woman in this scripture was not detoured.  JESUS would not speak to her.  His disciples begged him to send her away.  Yet she remained persistent.  She praised HIM and never became angry.  Even when HE eventually responded to her in what to others may have seemed like an insult.  She had great tenacity and even this did not shake her faith.

In the end her faith blessed her.  For the LORD said to her that her faith was great and he told her that whatever she desired it would be hers. 

What is it that you have asked the LORD for?  I would like to encourage you to do as this woman did; keep on praising GOD and keep on believing!



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