Day 17 - #Thankful21

Zephaniah 3:17 ESV

The LORD your GOD is in the midst, a mighty one who will save; HE will rejoice over you with gladness; HE will quiet you by HIS love; HE will exult over you with loud singing.

Today I am thankful for the way GOD loves us.  HE loves each of us as if we are an only child; favored and blessed.  Yet, HE is not a respecter of persons.  So what HE does for one of us, HE'll do for the other. 

It is my prayer today that you will have the faith to believe HIM for "it".  No matter what your "it" may be.  For our GOD is faithful to perform HIS word.  HE loves you so much.  HE rejoices over you with gladness!  Oh HALLELUJAH! 

I love the part that says HE will quiet you by HIS love.  Meaning that HIS love will bring you peace.  Even in the midst of your storm.  For your true knowledge and understanding of HIS love will change your life.  When you have a full understanding (as full/much as our human minds can comprehend) it is life changing.  Knowing that our GOD loves you and will never forsake you.  The knowledge of HIS character and who HE is.  Just knowing that HE is always with you and always hears and answers your prayers.  To know that HE loves and watches over HIS word to perform it in your life.  To know that HE did all of this before I ever wrote or even spoke a word of inspiration.  To know that HE did all of what HE has done for me before I truly sold out to HIM.  To know HE had me in mind before the beginning of time and that HIS plan has always been to bless me.  Yeah, HIS love has changed my life!



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