Day 2 #Thankful21

1 John 5:15 ESV

And if we know that HE hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of HIM.

Today, I am thankful that GOD hears our prayers.  As I stood before my prayer wall (my version of a war room) and I began to read off from one side to the other all of the prayers and petitions to GOD;   many of which GOD has fulfilled.  I was reminded as I spoke life over my family that GOD hears us when we request things of HIM from the very beginning.  In the moment in which we ask believing  all of Heaven begins to move.  And how everything that is needed to line up the very things we've requested jump into motion.  That they won't stop moving towards each other and ultimately towards us until they reach us and the request is fulfilled.

We must embrace and remember this.  Don't be dismayed by the time it takes for what you prayed for to arrive.  It's not a sign of GOD ignoring you or that HE has forsaken you.  Trust in knowing that you have what you have asked of HIM and praise HIM in advance until you see it manifest.  Because it is on it's way!

So today as you pray and petition the LORD for your family, finances, ministry, health, whatever it is.  Know that it is already done and just give HIM thanks!

What are you thankful for today?  Don't be afraid to list something that you are believing for in faith.  Thank HIM in advance for it!



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