Day 7 - #Thankful21

Luke 1:45 ESV

And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the LORD."  

Today, I am thankful that we serve a GOD who is faithful.  As I am believing GOD for many things HE has spoken to me, my soul is excited because I know that GOD is going to fulfill every last one of them!

I know sometimes you are tempted to believe that there is no way the things GOD has spoken to you will ever come to pass.  Yet, I encourage you to keep on believing the word of GOD.  It's too late for anyone or anything to convince me that GOD will not keep HIS promises.  HE's already honored way too many of HIS promises in my life.  HE has even honored the things I've requested.  HE didn't speak them to me, I just stood on HIS word and declared they would be so and HE honored HIS word!

I'm no better than you.  I've not achieved any level of greatness that HE should favor me over you.  I do walk in HIS favor, but you can too!

I dare you to just believe HIM for what HE has spoken to you.  Believe it passed the point in which your logical mind tells you to believe.  Believe HIM past what it feels and looks like.  Believe HIM because HE cannot lie and HIS word will never return unto HIM void!

I am believing HIM to keep the promises HE has spoken unto you and I await expectantly for your testimonies!



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