Speak & Think

Speak and think the results you want to see manifested in your life. The word tells us that life and death is in the power of the tongue. It goes on to tell us that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. It is extremely important that we guard our hearts and our mouths.

Bring into subjection every thought that raises itself against the knowledge of GOD. So what we know about GOD is that HE cannot lie. So that means that no matter what it looks like or what it feels like that GOD will indeed bring everything he's promised us to pass. What we also know about GOD is that HE has given us power; the same power that Jesus was raised from the dead with. That power lies in your tongue. Be careful to speak things out of wisdom and not out of your feelings. Sometimes in our anger and in our hurt we are tempted to say words that can change the course of our entire future. Do not speak words that will create strongholds for future Generations.

Pray always and allow God to guide you in everything you do.



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