Mark 9:23 NLT

"What do you mean, 'If I can'?"  Jesus asked.  "Anything is possible if a person believes."

I am not sure what it is you've been believing GOD for.  The what honestly is not important.  The only question I have for you today is; Do you still Believe?

GOD has asked me that numerous times over the last several months as I've watched things in my life "appear" to fall apart.  I would get to a place in the process and decide to declare the word of GOD shall manifest in my life!!  "I'll trust you LORD!"  I declared although I didn't "feel"it.  Nothing supported it and in the very moment when I seemed to have peace with the thought that it just might not come true.  The LORD would speak to me and say; "Do you still believe me for it?"

The man in this scripture watched his son many years be tossed into fire and water by evil spirits that possessed him; attempting to take his son's life.  He had to look at this day in and day out.  It was no doubt that he had heard about JESUS and there was no doubt that at one point in his life he wholeheartedly believed that JESUS could heal his son.  This was evident in him bringing his son to JESUS and the apostles.  Yet, day after day of watching these unGODly things happen to his son, no doubt it began to weigh on him.  This is why he said to JESUS, "If you can."

Let me encourage you today.  I know it feels like you've been waiting a long time, and maybe you have.  I know it appears that it just might not happen for you.  I know you've been tempted to believe that GOD has changed his mind.  Perhaps, HE won't do the thing HE has promised you HE would do.  Yet, my soul knows that GOD is faithful.  My soul knows that GOD cannot lie.  HIS word is sure, tried and true.  Although it has been many years since GOD made me promises, I still Believe!!  I declare that anything and all things are possible to me because I believe.  I declare I won't back down, I won't stop living as though it has already taken place.  For the one who promised me is Faithful.

Stop looking.  Stop looking at how HE did it for someone else.  Stop looking at what your child, spouse, friend, boss or whomever is doing.  Another man's words, nor his actions can ever change the words GOD has spoken!  Stay focused on the promise maker.  Soon.  Much sooner than you think; you are going to see every promise GOD has made to you manifest in this physical realm.  It already exists now in the spirit. For, the moment HE said it, it was already done!



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