What Can you Do?

Today I want to encourage you to find something you can do for someone else.  Not a family member, co-worker or someone you know.  What can you do today for a perfect stranger?  Okay, so you think that is too tough... Well, what can you do today for that co-worker who is bent on getting you fired?  (Yes, I know that was worst right?)  Well consider this.  JESUS came to this world and walked among us.  HE was talked about, mistreated and hung on a cross.  Yet, HE did all of this so that you and I can have salvation. 

Not the you and I that others see when we're all dressed up in our best clothes. Nor am I speaking about the Holy Ghost filled, saved you.  I am talking about the you that sinned. The you who made mistakes. The you who did not always feel good about the person you are. Let's face it, we've all made our share of mistakes.  However, JESUS knew all of this.  Yet while knowing all of our sins, all of our wrong thoughts and actions HE still died for us.  Since our goal as Christians is to be like JESUS, why is it so hard for you to do something for someone else?

An act does not always have to cost you money.  However, if you pray and the LORD leads you to bless someone that way, then do so.  Whatever it is your hands find to do for another; do it today!



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