When It's Time

Habakkuk 2:3 

For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.  Though it tarries wait for it; Because it shall surely come, It will not tarry.

My mission today is simple.  It's to encourage someone to trust the timing of GOD.  I wish I could give it all to you in the order in which I've learned it.  I wish you could have a play by play, moment by moment reel review.  For as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words.  Yet, since I do not have the time, nor do you have the time to sit and read a one million word blog entry I'll just sum it all up for you; TRUST GOD'S TIMING!

Just as GOD knew you before the beginning of the world.  Before HE separated the land from the sea HE appointed times.  HE appointed a time for you to see every promise HE has made you come to fruition in your life.  It simply comes down to two things.  Do you believe in HIM? and Do you believe HIS word?  Yep, it's just that simple.

Our GOD is the GOD of gods.  HE is from everlasting to everlasting the Most High.  HE is our vindicator, our way maker.  The ultimate problem solver, for HE has provided for every need before even you or I could even recognize that we had a need.  Yet, how could we testify to HIM being any of these things, if we've never needed HIM to be any of these things? 

How would you know if HE was for real a promise keeper if you won't be still and wait for HIM to keep HIS promises?  What are your other alternatives?  I'm just saying.  Everything that GOD has promised to me is so much greater than what I can imagine.  The things HE has promised me are so supernatural, that only HE can perform them.  All will know that HE is GOD when it is said and done and that's the whole purpose of the wait. 

You see as you wait and you do it with full assurance in GOD.  Even when it's hard and you have to cry, yet you praise HIM through it.  Someone else is receiving deliverance because of your faith.  They will praise HIM also.  So not only is this person getting lined up for their blessings,two more have watched you both, and followed suit.  Then more and more.  The end result is not just a bunch of people getting blessed.  The end result is that a bunch of people are now praising GOD simply because of who HE is! 

When it's time, you won't miss it.  You won't be able to, because supernatural things never go unnoticed.  So relax, trust GOD and wait for HIS appointed time.  I promise you, you won't be disappointed.  Our GOD will come through and HE'll blow your mind in the process!



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