Know Yourself

2 King 1:12 ESV

But Elijah answered them, "If I am a man of GOD, let fire come down from Heaven and consume you and your fifty."  Then the fire of GOD came down from Heaven and consumed him and his fifty.

Elijah the prophet stood in a situation where he should have feared for his life naturally. Most men would have hid as they saw the king and his men approaching. Yet the man of God remained seated where he was.

This message is not to encourage you to speak destruction on someone. This message is sent to the children of GOD to remind you to stay seated in your place and to not be moved by anyting!  You may appear out numbered. Or it may appear that you're in a situation that has no good ending. Yet the almighty GOD Of Heaven is with you. HE sits high and HE looks low and HE misses nothing.

Rest in knowing who you are. Rest in knowing the power you possess. Operate knowing that all of Heaven will move on your behalf. So stand in the place that GOD put you. Stand boldly on HIS promises for they will be fulfilled. Concern yourself not with the things that appear to oppose you for in an instant our LORD will consume your opposers and you will remain standing in the place HE promised.



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