Psalm 25:3 ESV

Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame; they shall be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous.

There is someone who has been made a promise by GOD.  You've been waiting for a long time, yet, unmoved by the wait.  In the waiting period of your process, you've grown and you're excited for what GOD has spoken to you.  However, you have this hidden fear of being made a fool of.  You have thought to yourself, What if I end up embarrassed?  What if I heard GOD wrong?  What if GOD changes HIS mind?  What if I missed HIM? What if this or what if that?

The word of GOD says that Indeed, none who wait for GOD shall be put to shame.  You see, our GOD is not man that HE should lie.  You believe that your business will make it.  You believe that your spouse will come home.  You believe that your child will defy all odds and walk.  You believe that thing (whatever GOD has promised to you) so much so that in your mind you can just about reach out and touch it.  That alone is your sign that you heard GOD and that HE is going to keep HIS promise to you.  Don't concern yourself with the lack of belief that may come from others.  They are not meant to believe like you believe.  It's not their promise; it's yours.  If GOD wanted them to believe on that same level, HE would speak the promise to them as well. 

Remember, that when all you have is the word of GOD; it is indeed all that you need!  Trust GOD.  HE will never allow you to be ashamed for believing HIS word.  Soon and very soon, you'll find the wait was well worth it.  Not only will GOD not allow you to be put to shame, but you will soon find that HE has raised you up also.



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