At Your Request

Luke 7:7 ESV

Therefore I did not presume to come to you.  But say the word, and let my servant be healed.

This past weekend as I studied this particular scripture something stuck out to me that never did before.  The officer asked for his servant to be healed.  The servant who was sick did not ask to be healed.  Nor does the word speak of him asking his master to ask for him to be healed.  Sometimes we believe that in order for someone else to get a blessing that they have to believe on the level we believe or that their faith has to match our faith.  Yet, sometimes our faith is higher than those around us in order for the miracle that is needed to take place.  Stop judging others and stop trying to force them to be on "your level."  Just be who GOD has called you to be and speak what HE tells you to speak.  It is GOD's job to manifest HIS word in their lives.  It is HIS job to bless them abundantly.  Your only job is to be obedient. 

So I ask, what is your request today?  Is it for your husband, wife, children, teammate or co-worker?  Perhaps your request is for your mom or dad.  Whatever your request is, and whoever your request is for, do you believe that GOD will do it?  If so, then trust HE has done it at your request.  Regardless of what you see and regardless of whether the person believes like you believe or not.  Let it be according to your faith!



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