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Check Yourself!

Psalm 34:1-4 ESV

I will bless the LORD at all times; HIS praise shall continually be in my mouth.  My soul makes its boast in the LORD; let the humble hear and be glad.  Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt HIS name together!  I sought the LORD, and HE answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

Check yourself!  Yes, I know that the title doesn't seem to quite fit with the scripture.  Yet, it is the perfect combination.  When you awake in the morning what is the first thing that you do?  Do you check immediately how you feel?  Do you check to see if the miracle you prayed for until you passed out has come?  Or do you choose to just bless the LORD?

I have a friend who before they can open their eyes each morning; the very minute that they realize they are awake, a resounding HALLELUJAH rings through the house.  Everyone who is present hears their praise!  It does not matter if they are hurting, tired, sick, etc.  HALLELUJAH is all you hear throughout the house.  Sometimes for short time frames, at other times it goes on for hours. 

I know that you may have awaken this morning to something you have no clue how to fix.  Or perhaps your child that you have been praying for has not yet come home.  I know that you have been believing for a long time, and nothing seems to be happening.  Yet, I want to encourage you today to stop checking yourself, but to check our FATHER's track record.  GOD is not in Heaven surprised by your need. HE has promised to supply all of your needs according to HIS riches in Glory.  The psalmist did not write this scripture because everything was always going in his favor.  At one point his enemies had raided his camp, taken all of his wives and possessions along with everything that each of his soldiers who fought with him in war possessed.  Leaving the men who were with him wanting to stone him.  Yet, he encouraged himself in the LORD!

Remember all the great things that GOD has done for you and praise HIM for HIS goodness, HIS grace and HIS mercy.  Then rest in knowing that you don't have to know how GOD is going to bless you.  All you have to do, is trust and believe that HE is and wait with expectancy for HIM to do so.

I am praying for you people of GOD and believing the LORD for all that you stand in need of.



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