Just Believe

Mark 9:23 ESV

And JESUS said to him, "if you can!' All things are possible for one who believes"

Some of you have been asking GOD what's next?  What do I have to do in order to have this life you've promised me.  I have asked you LORD to bless me and fulfill this dream you've given me.  Now I'm just waiting on you.  So what's next LORD.  Well, the LORD says, Just Believe! 

Oh yes, I know, you said, well I do believe.  Well, I say.. prove it!  If you believe GOD to bless you.  If you believe the LORD to provide for you, then why are you not moving your feet?  HE has showed you what is next in the process, yet you are wasting time looking at your bank account or your contact list.  Feeling that both have been exhausted.  Yet, if you believe, truly believe, then why won't you make the next step?  You need help?  Then put out an ad for help.  Do you need finances? Then put together the business plan.  You take the first step, I promise you GOD will take the next one.  And HIS steps are so grand, that in one step; one movement; one word from GOD everything you need from help to finances will show up.  You don't believe it?  Well, perhaps again, that's the problem. IJS!



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