Stay Focused

Proverbs 4:25 ESV

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.  

In this season we do not have time for distractions.  This is our year to BE so we must be strategic.  We must be devoted.  We must be determined at all times to stay focused on our goal.  If  you've gotten sidetracked, don't worry GOD is a redeemer of time.  HE is our way maker and HE is the dream maker.  HE gave you the vision/dream.  HE has given you the provisions also.  Whether it's money you need, favor or a staff of people to assist you.  HE has already given you everything.  So walk boldly into your future.  Live the abundant life GOD has created for you to live.  Don't waste any time today focusing on what you didn't get done on yesterday.  Of course we will examine our to-do list from yesterday.  But not to be discouraged about what still remains on it.  But to put it before the LORD and ask HIM to coordinate our day.  We will ask HIM to show us what HE wants us to do in this day.  We can even ask HIM for a supernaturally productive day if our list seems to be long or perhaps "appears" overwhelming. 

I want to also encourage you to be flexible.  Be willing to let GOD truly direct your day.  Obey HIS leading and guiding.  GOD can cause something that would naturally take you ten years doing it your way and in your strength, to take place in merely moments; catapulting you, your business and your family far beyond what your mind can even begin to imagine or think. So stay focused today; stay in the moment and make the best of every opportunity.



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