The Power of Silence

Exodus 14:14 ESV

The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.

This message is one the LORD continues to impress upon my spirit repeatedly over the last several months.  This morning when I woke up it really settled in my spirit.  There is power in your silence.  Yes, there are times when we must not be quiet.  There are times when our war cry must be heard by our enemy and we must take by force what the enemy has taken or attempts to put his hands on.  Yet, there is a place in which silence holds the power.

The enemy of our soul, as my auntie reminded us on yesterday, is not all knowing.  he is not GOD's equal.  Sometimes he only finds out what's going on when we open our mouths to speak about it.  Imagine if in this scripture GOD gave the word to Moses about parting the sea and drowning the Egyptians, then Moses in turn told the children of Israel and they began to tell Pharaoh..."Oh, our GOD is about to drown you in this sea."  Do you think Pharaoh would have followed them in?  Not at all. 

There are times when GOD will lead us into silence.  Don't be moved when others oppose you, think ill of you or even treat you bad, and then GOD instructs you to be silent.  HE sees all, knows all and takes care of all.  Before HE told the children of Israel to be silent.  HE told them that HE will fight for them.  So often we pray for GOD to speak for us.  Then we turn around seconds later and handle it ourselves.  We put our mouths all over it, and then wonder why GOD didn't do anything.  It's simple, you wouldn't shut up!  (Yes, I know I said shut up.  But, hey if the shoe fits....)

Today, I encourage you to trust GOD to fight for you.  Keep silent and trust what HE has spoken to your spirit.  HE never lies and HE never loses.  So sit back and watch HIM win for you again!



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