Working Through

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me.

Do not allow  yourself to become sidetracked in your thoughts.  I know you've made a plan. You've written down the vision and you've set timelines creating goals for yourself.  Do not begin to look at all of your bullet points (goals) and become overwhelmed.  GOD has ordered every step in this process.  Which means that HE has already put enough strength in you, enough creativity and enough wisdom and knowledge for you to get the job done.  HE is the one who you operate through.  It's HIS strength that sustains us.  So rest.  Be at peace and trust the steps that HE guides you to take.  Even when it looks like he's asking you to walk on water.  Don't be afraid, just step out of the boat.  Remember GOD will not call you to do a thing without HIM first giving you everything that you need to complete it successfully.

Guard your mind. Meditate on HIS promises and the truth of HIS word.  Fight with the confirmation that HE has given to you over and over again.  Know that the things HE's spoken to you will come to pass, as none of HIS words ever return to HIM void.  So operate today from your place of victory.  Walk day by day according to HIS direction and HE'll get you to the promised land!



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