You Already Are

John 8:36 ESV

So if the SON sets you free, you will be free indeed.

What are you waiting on?  It's not GOD.  HE set you free a long time ago; thousands of years ago to be exact.  HE came from Heaven, and wrapped HIMself in flesh and restored order to the earth.  We are no longer waiting to walk in dominion and power.  We have already been given the authority to do so.  JESUS said that greater things than the things HE did while HE was on earth, would be the things that we do.  So why are so many of us choosing to live beneath our GOD given privileges?

GOD gave you a plan, HE has confirmed HIS word and you are sure in your soul that this is the year to become all that GOD has called you to be.  Yet, you are standing idle.  What is it that you are waiting for? If you believe the word of GOD for your life, then prove it!  Step out on faith.  You're never going to get to the destination HE has mapped out for you by waiting to see the next step.  This is a faith walk.  You don't need faith for the things you can see.  But without it, you can't please GOD.  (Hebrews 11:6)

So what's it gonna b?  Are you going to walk in the freedom afforded you, or will you remain bound only by your own thoughts and lack of faith?  Today, I choose to believe GOD; to walk it out and to receive the abundant life HE has in store for me.  



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