For Freedom

Galatians 5:1 ESV

For freedom CHRIST has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

JESUS CHRIST paid the ultimate price for our Freedom.  No matter what you've done or what you've been through it is for your freedom that HE died and for your freedom HE got out of the grave with all power and authority.  It is for freedom that HE gave you the authority to operate in HIS power.

I know that new business idea you've dreamed of for years seems impossible for you.  That is because for you, it is.  But for the GOD that we serve, nothing is impossible and HE is your strength and your guide.  Choose today to walk in and operate in the freedom that our LORD and Savior paid for so many years ago.   HE knew then who you were and who you will be; and for that HE went to the cross.

Yes, it's just that simple.  Choose and HE will guide you every step of the way. HE'll speak to you and tell you what steps to take next.  Don't look at your wallet, your entourage or anything of the like.  If you step out on faith according to the word of GOD, know that HE has already opened the doors into places you should've never been known in. Know that without a shadow of a doubt, HE has already sent the finances you need at the very moment you'll need them.  All you've got to do is step out and be determined to take every step that HE's directing you to take. 

This is the season for you to experience and lay claim to all of the things that GOD has put your name on.  Move your feet, for you are no longer shackled, but free!



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