It's a Good Day!

Romans 5:8 ESV
But GOD commendeth HIS love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us. 

In family devotion this morning, my son and I discussed how the word states he commendeth (meaning continual) HIS love towards us.  It is my belief and has been my prayer that in this year of 2018, during this time (Easter-resurrection celebration) that freedom is going to break forth in the spirit!  Not because we are not already free; for we are.  But because people every where will grab hold to the revelation of the Love of GOD for us and operate in such freedom.  For we are free indeed according to the word!

Too many people wake up each day, down, depressed and have given up all hope for their lives to change or for them to be free from addiction and disease.  Yet, I know that the GOD we serve did not go to the cross for us to live this way.  In fact, HE went to redeem us and to buy back our freedom with HIS blood.  I declare that this day is a good day!  That today, your life will change.  I declare that you will operate in the power and authority of JESUS CHRIST, by whose name the demons tremble and hell is pushed back!  I declare that on today, the tide turns and you will see clearly that you have always and forever will be, victorious in JESUS CHRIST!  Oh today is a good day; today is a new day!



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