The Freedom in Leaning

Proverbs 3:5 ESV

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

In this season we must learn to lean on the LORD!  I know it may sound weird to hear that there is freedom in leaning.  Leaning usually means we give up all control.  In leaning we are surrendering our power as we are now depending on something other than ourselves to hold us up.  This in and of itself is usually pretty nerve wrecking for the  majority of us.  Yet, today I suggest that you do just that...lean.  Lean on the creator of Heaven and earth.  Lean on the one who planned your life before you ever existed.  Lean on the one that loves you so much that HE'll wait for you to love HIM back.  Lean on the one who holds all power in HIS hands.  Lean on the one who is never late and HE never fails.

In the lean you find peace, reassurance and love.  In the lean you relinquish all control to HIM and you accept HIS perfect will for your life and because HE delights in blessing us, there's no greater place to be.  Don't be moved by the waves of the sea.  If you lean on HIM, I can promise you that HE'll never let one ounce of water in your boat and HE will keep your foot from slipping!  Won't you lean in and experience freedom in CHRIST JESUS today?



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