The Pathway

Psalm 119:105 ESV
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

I remember as a child sitting in a service and hearing this scripture for the first time.  I remember feeling like this scripture had a bigger meaning than the one I had that day.  I've often repeated it and meditated on it.  Yet, as I sat this morning asking the LORD to give me a word for HIS people and one to encourage those who were tempted to give up.  HE took me to this scripture.  HE actually gave it to me in song.  Then as I opened my bible to read it again HE gave me this..........

It is my word that directs....It is my word, not just my written word, that must direct my people.  Not just the directives I give; but the words of my promises that I have made to them.  That is what directs them to continue on the path I've told them to take. 

HIS word is what makes us keep going, even when everything around us looks crazy.  You see, you don't actually see or think with your feet.  So stop looking to see or thinking that you can figure out HIS plan.  Just let GOD's word continue to direct your feet.  HE will not allow you to be put to shame.  Which means, no matter what happens between the start of your journey and the end of it, that in the end HIS word will speak (manifest itself) and all will know that HE is GOD and that HE and HE alone has done this great thing for and through you.

Stay Encouraged people of GOD, I'm praying for you!



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