Dare to Believe

Matthew 19:26 ESV

But JESUS looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with GOD all things are possible."

Today I want to encourage you to keep on believing.  I wish I could give you details and tell you the exact moment that GOD was going to do the thing HE promised you.  Yet, my soul knows that I would cripple your faith if I did.  You see in order to get what's on this next level for you, it's going to take faith like never before! But don't get discouraged.  You've got it in you!  You've believed this long, dare to believe GOD even the more now!

These are not just words I speak to you today.  My soul knows that this is a season of increase and elevation.  I don't even care to know how GOD is going to do all the things HE has promised me.  I am just choosing to take HIM at HIS word.  My soul knows that it is not afar off. 

Remember that if we could perform miracles, then they would not be miracles at all.  I want more than what I can do.  For as JESUS said then, with man it's impossible, but with GOD all things are possible.  The very things that seem impossible for me; are.  Yet, I serve a GOD for whom nothing is impossible and HE has made me promises and I plan on standing on HIS word until they manifest in the flesh!

Will you stand with me? Will you wait on the LORD?  Will you take HIM at HIS word?  Will you prepare yourself to receive the blessing HE has for you.  Will you make room in your home for the thing HE promised you, as if it is already on its way?  I did.

About a month ago, I desired a thing.  It was to most a need, but I had chosen to be okay without it for years.  One day while I was praying, the LORD told me to make room for it.  So, I did.  I didn't say GOD I can't pay for this.  I just said, okay and made room.  Within a two week time frame it manifested and it didn't cost me a dime!  My son said later, "Mom, that was crazy how fast that all happened for you.  You believed GOD, you moved and now it's right here!" 

You see, that moment was not just about me.  Sure I am elated at what GOD did for me.  I am even more elated that now my son has a testimony he witnessed with his own eyes.  It'll be a memorial for him as he grows into the man of GOD he is called to be.  He, like all of us will have an experience with GOD when HE directs us to make a faith move.  Now when it's Christopher's turn, he'll step out without a doubt, because HE has seen with his own eyes, that GOD is faithful and rewards our faith with HIS faithfulness.  This is the greatest legacy we can leave our children. One of faith and truth.



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