State Your Position!

Romans 8:1 ESV
There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in CHRIST JESUS.

You now know your position and it's time for you to state it!  There is no more bondage for you.  No more heaviness and no more restless nights!  Gone are the days of self defeating thoughts and lies from the enemy that tell you that GOD will not come through for you, because you've done too much wrong or that you're not good enough.  You are more than enough!  GOD proved that the day HE went to the cross.  HE wanted you and I to know just how much HE loved us so HE made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  HE did it knowing in that very moment all of the sins we would ever commit.  If what you and I have done (or may do) did not detour HIM then, why allow it to detour us now?

It's a new season.  Stand in the truth of who you are.  State your position and stand in it! Stand boldly on the word of GOD.  Start this new season stating each morning who you are in CHRIST.  (i.e. I am the righteousness of GOD, No Weapon formed against me shall prosper, I am a child of GOD, I am chosen.....etc.)  Open your mouth and declare it now!

State your position - Say it with a shirt:


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