Unshakable Faith

Luke 17:5-6 ESV
The apostles said to the LORD, "Increase our faith!" And the LORD said, "If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it would obey you.

Sometimes we hear the written word spoken, preached, shared and we get excited. But before the excitement can grow the spirit of doubt comes and snatches away the seed.  I want to encourage you today, to not only hear (read) this word, but to allow it to plant itself on the inside of you and grow!  Guard it with your whole life!!! 

There is nothing too hard for GOD and nothing that HE will not do for you.  Sure you've been waiting a while.  I get that.  I'm with you, actually.  Yet, my soul knows that GOD is about to do something so crazy and so grand!  My soul knows that we have come too far to stop now!  My soul knows that even when it seems crazy to keep on believing, that it is indeed too late to stop believing. 

At times past, I use to wish for just a little relief.  I would just hope for something small to happen to give me a continued hope that GOD was still with me.  Yet, in this day, in this season of my life, I'll believe HIM even when I don't see it.  Yes, I've believed without seeing before.  The difference now is that when I can't see with my physical eyes, yet my soul stays in a place of excitement and expectation it alone becomes my guarantee that greater is in route to me!!

You see, our soul know what our eyes do not yet comprehend.  Like this word... "speak to this mulberry tree and tell it to be uprooted and planted in the sea and it will obey you".  Yeah, it sounds crazy right? Well, my faith is crazy, my history with GOD is grand and this blessing that's about to be unveiled is off the richter scale!!!

Speak to whatever it is, in faith and watch GOD be GOD!



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