Get Dressed

Ephesians 6:10-11 ESV

Finally, be strong in the LORD and in the strength of HIS might.  Put on the whole armor of GOD, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.

I was reminded by a dear friend this morning to make sure I'm dressed before I leave.  She left a voicemail message for me with the above scripture.  It blessed my soul.  You know how you find those little reminders in your lunch box or in this case, my voicemail, and it's just the word you need at just the right time.

Well, I'll say to you, get dressed!  This is war!  The enemy is not a fair fighter.  he will use whomever and whatever he can to get you off course.  Sometimes, it's not even about you.  he wants you to stop praying for the person GOD has assigned you to pray for.  The enemy will bring destruction in anyway that he can.  So be vigilant and stay suited up.  The beautiful thing for us, is that this war was already won by JESUS thousands of years ago and the armor we wear, it's GOD's.  Which means it is indestructible.  Trust GOD and trust HIS plan.  Put on the full armor and stand.  That's our only job in this battle is to stand.  So today, I choose to stand on the word of GOD and not man's.  I choose to trust GOD in spite of my circumstances.  Today, I choose to walk in the power and dominion given to me by heaven.  Will you join me!



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