All things

Mark 29:11 ESV
And JESUS said to him, "If you can'!  All things are possible for one who believes."

ALL THINGS!!!! Nothing is too hard for GOD.  So no matter what you're facing today.  Be it a major disaster or an interview for a new position. There is nothing that is too hard for GOD.  The question today is, what is it that is hard for you to believe GOD for?  Whatever that "thing" is, that too is included in "All things".

I pray for you today that your faith will rise up on the inside of you.  That you will believe GOD to perform miracles in  your life this day, even right now in this moment.  I pray that you will come before the throne of grace boldly asking our Heavenly FATHER to bless you and believing it is already done.  I challenge you to have a "right now" kind of faith.  Not that you are before GOD as if HE is your genie rubbing the lamp and getting all of your wishes. But that you are before GOD with all of your faith secured in knowing that not only does HE want to bless you, but that HE will bless you beyond anything you can ask or begin to think and that HE'll do it right now for you.  Take away the "some day" mentality, because the trouble about some day, is that some day usually never comes.  So I'm declaring that in this day, right here, right now that we will see miracles, signs and wonders.  That we will see GOD bless us to overflow.  I believe HIS word and I wait expectantly for HIM to keep it! 



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