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Job 1:8 ESV
And the LORD said to satan, "Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears GOD and turns away from evil?

I was reminded today by a dear friend, to count it all joy when it seems like everything is going wrong in your life.  Not because any of us want hard times, but because GOD has asked the enemy... Have you tried my servant_____________ (insert your name).

I want to encourage you to praise GOD right in the middle of your storm.  Praise HIM in the midnight hour, when it seems to be the darkest in your life.  I know that this seems to be the opposite of what most would think to do initially.  Yet, I want to encourage you to think outside the box.  I want to remind you that GOD has not changed, nor has HIS power!  Just because you may be going through something in this season, doesn't mean that GOD has walked away from you.  Instead HE is standing back with pride, because HE knows that you are coming out on the other side victorious.  HE is smiling because HE knows that this is just another opportunity to remind the enemy that he is powerless and defeated. GOD is smiling because it delights HIM to bless you and when you come out on the other side like Job did, HE's gonna give you double for your trouble.

Stay focused, stay encouraged and continue to praise the one and only true GOD in Heaven.  I promise you,HE won't fail you.  I know it seems like it's all coming down to the last second.  I know what you see isn't lining up with what HE promised.  Yet, I encourage you to be encouraged by that alone.  For our GOD cannot lie and HE has promised to never let those be put to shame who wait on HIM.  So know that what you're looking at has to change and come in alignment with what our GOD has spoken.

I'm praying for you and I am praising in advance for all the miracles, signs and wonders that will take place, even now!



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