When GOD Trusts You!

Job 1:8 ESV
And the LORD said to satan, "Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears GOD and turns away from evil?

This morning when GOD led me to this word in the bible, I knew there was going to be something different about reading this book today.  I have read the bible, heard it preached or read to me nearly my whole life.  Yet, my soul marvels always when GOD takes me deeper into HIS word and shows me things I've never seen or perhaps never viewed in a certain way before.  As I turned to the book of Job, GOD said these words...."When I trust you......"

Of course those words excite most of us as we consider the fact that GOD might trust us in a trial or just in general.  Boy, does that sound note worthy!  For most it brings about encouragement.  Yet, we cannot miss the whole picture and we must always seek the purpose of anything that transpires in our lives. 

GOD is all knowing and does nothing without purpose.  All things will ultimately work for the good of those who are called to HIS purpose.  GOD will always get the ultimate praise.  Most of us consider Job as GOD's proof that GOD always wins.  I agree.  Yet, this morning I saw something different.  When the LORD asked satan what he was doing (where are you coming from..) satan answered from going back and forth on the earth.  The enemy of our soul was seeking whom he may devour.  Have you ever considered that GOD offered Job up as a distraction and not a sacrifice?  Have you considered that what you are enduring is for the salvation of another? 

GOD knew that Job would trust HIM until the end.  GOD knew that even in Job's weak moments when he would ask GOD "Why", that in the end Job would still believe and honor HIM.  Perhaps his friends, or even someone else on the earth was next on the enemy's list.  Yet, GOD being GOD and knowing all things, knew that he or she was not ready to endure the attack or storms that would come about.  So, instead of allowing the enemy to destroy them; GOD gave the enemy a distraction while GOD increased the faith of another. 

Remember that everything GOD does has a purpose.  Do not despise a temporary circumstance.  GOD has not turned you over to the enemy.  Just as with Job GOD will never leave you nor forsake you.  GOD places limits on the enemy of your soul and because HE is GOD everything has to line up with HIS will.  So know that this thing you're going through has an end date.  It has had one since the beginning!  Stay focused and live purposefully for GOD.  It may just be that you're saving not only the life of someone else, but their very soul as you endure this trial with grace.  Let the world see GOD in you!



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