Too Close

Proverbs 18:21 ESV
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

You are waaaaayyyy too close to your breakthrough for you to start speaking the lies the enemy has been whispering to you!!!  Don't loose focus in this season.  Keep your eyes on JESUS.  HE has worked all things out for you.  

I know each time you think it's going to turn around something else might seem to pop up.  Well, that's how it works.  All of hell is hell bent on detouring you.  The enemy is scared to death of you.  he continues to attack you with hopes to wear you down and make you quit.  But I am here to remind you that the devil is a liar!  He is the father of lies.  GOD on the other hand CANNOT lie!!  Every word HE speaks comes to pass.  So the things you may be facing or looking at right now may be facts, but my darling they are not truth.  Truth is what GOD has spoken about your life.

Just like when HE said "Let there be light" and everything in this universe came together to form the light HE spoke into existence.  You know the one that still hangs in the sky thousands of years later...  So shall it be with the promises that HE has spoken for your life.  Everything in this world has to line up and form what HE has spoken over your life.  Don't be moved by what appears to be opposition.  Nothing can by any means harm you and keep you from your destiny.

So continue to speak life, so that you may eat its fruits.  Speak life over your family, finances, career, ministry, whatever it is GOD has promised you speak life to it.  Speak what you know and not what you see.  For we know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  Yet, we also know that all we have to do is stand, because GOD won this war for us thousands of years ago.  So today, no matter what time it is you're reading this, or what has taken place before this moment, speak life and nothing more from this moment forward!  For you shall have what you speak!



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