All Around Us

Yesterday I took a ride to the beach. Just me and JESUS (and a few hundred other people of course). As, I sat on my blanket reading my word and praying in the spirit I asked GOD to show me what were the lessons in front of me. I took several pictures and waited for a word. Then a young man, his wife and their two daughters walked past where I was sitting. The gentleman was taking pictures. His pauses to stop and take the pictures cause him to straggle behind his family. When his wife turned around to ask him what he was doing; you know to hurry him along a little his response was "It's raining all around us". He was amazed at how the rain seemed to be surrounding us on every side but never touching our area of the beach. And as you have probably figured out the light bulb came on at that time!

Two things the Lord spoke to me about.  One was that the rain was surrounding us but it wasn't touching us and in this season the people of God feel as though they are being surrounded on every hand by everything that could go wrong in their lives. It seems to be falling apart, yet I want my children to know that I am for them and that I am with them in the middle of the storm. That this storm is not going to destroy them but they must simply hold fast to their faith.

If you look at the picture although I know it's a little blurry there is a space in between the clouds that was blue (a circular opening) and I felt the Lord say that's hope in the middle of the storm you have to remain hopeful and Faith filled.

So today those are my words for you; God is for you and he's with you.  Just hold fast to your faith in the middle of the storm!  It's almost over!

For we walk by faith, and not by sight.


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