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Daily Bread

Matthew 6:11 ESV
Give us this day our daily bread,

This scripture. This one scripture always sent me into a place where my spirit just cringed.  I know we're supposed to be excited about it.  But, I never could understand it.  I am a person who believes that their is power in our words.  The word tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. So I would feel as though I don't want a day to day living.  I want more LORD.  Not for myself, but I want to be a blessings to others in need around me.  This is not just a saying, the LORD knows that I've blessed others in my poverty and loss. Yet, I just didn't want to be in such a situation.  

GOD began to deal with me on this matter.  HE didn't scold me because I wanted more; HE wants to give me more and to bless me.  But learning HIM on a level of true dependency everyday for every single thing I need is far more important than anonymously blessing others because GOD blessed me.  GOD wants us to depend on HIM for everything.  I understood what HE was saying to me; or so I thought, until now.  HE has brought me to a place that if HE doesn't provide, I won't have it.  There is nothing for which I see today that might physically show me that tomorrow it will be different. 

Seems grim?  Well, it's not. I recently spoke with a friend of the family who confirmed that GOD has HIS people in a season where HE is teaching us to trust HIM on a different level.  HE's teaching us to believe for ourselves the same way we believe for others in need.  HE's teaching us to trust HIM to be our daily bread.  Our GOD is more than able to provide for us and more than willing to bless us!

Stay encouraged and give thanks for your daily bread!



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