Job 23:10 ESV
But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.

Prior to these verses Job states how he felt he could not find GOD.  He explains how he has gone forward and backwards, yet he did not find GOD nor could he perceive him (v.8-9)  I remember reading Job as a young child and these verses always brought me to a place of question.  Actually, the entire book often brought many questions for me.  

My grandmother made me read this book, along with many others.  I have been led back to Job over and over again throughout my lifetime and every time recently, the LORD has answered and made clear all of my questions.  I pray today, that you will be able to receive what has been revealed to me today.

Job told of how he did not perceive GOD.  Yet he followed the explanation of what he "felt" with the "truth" of what he knows.  He states in verse ten that GOD knows the way that he takes.  Although you may feel alone today.  Although you may feel as though darkness is all around you.  Although you may not be able to see how any of this will end in your favor; I encourage you to speak only of what you know!  For GOD knows where you are, just as HE did with Job.  When you come out of this trial you too shall come forth as pure gold.

"Tried by the fire"is a saying I use to hear older people say at times.  They even sung songs about it.  The thing I realize now, is that they never said consumed by the fire.  Nor did they say destroyed by the fire.  Only tried!  You will come out of this!  The testing is to purify and to bless you!  So may you walk in your blessings this day.  It is my prayer that an overflowing abundance of blessings, peace, love, joy and prosperity will fall upon you and overtake you this day, this minute; this hour, in JESUS name!



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