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It's Just the Beginning

Job 8:7 ESV
And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great.  

Don't freak out!  Stop counting down the days and celebrate what is yet to come in this year.  So many people reach July and then August and begin to feel defeated because you set a particular goal for yourself or you believed a certain thing would take place in your life this year and here we are and it's August 2nd and it seems to be a lost cause.  

Well, I say check your perspective and not your watch.  Watching the time do what it does is a waste of time.  Of course goals are important and setting time frames are a requirement.  I get that.  Yet, I ask you to perceive what GOD is doing.  You see, as last year was coming to an end, GOD told me that 2018 was going to "BE" the year.  It is the year to BEcome all that GOD has called you to be.  GOD made me some specific promises for this year and I have chosen to take HIM at HIS word.  I have chosen to believe that in this eighth month of the year that I will see miracles, signs and wonders.  I choose to believe that this month is just the jump start of greatness.  I believe that this year is just the beginning of the rest of my blessed life.  

What is it that you see?  Will you look at the physical realm and count down the minutes, hours and days?  Or will you choose to shift your perspective and expect and prepare for abundance?



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