I No Longer Care

Philippians 4:7 ESV
And the peace of GOD, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in CHRIST JESUS.

A peace that surpasses all understanding.....I would hear those words preached as a young girl and I marveled over them.  A peace so great you can't understand it??  I remember always thinking what kind of peace is that and how do I get it?

Yet, this day, what I know is that this peace comes when you no longer care.  Yes, you heard me.  I no longer care..... I know longer care to try and understand how and why GOD does anything HE does.  Understanding GOD is not my job.  The only thing I have to do is believe HIM!  All I have to do is believe HIS written word that we all have access to and then believe the spoken word HE speaks to me in our time together.  For when GOD makes a promise HE keeps it.  When GOD speaks a word it never returns to HIM void.  HE has already told us that we'll never understand the how's and why's that HE chooses.  For, HE sees the big picture; HE created the big picture.  GOD is creator of all.  HE has plans for all of us and if we will just trust HIM and follow HIS directions we'll have the life HE has planned for us.  That is what I want, that is my only desire and that shall be what I have!!

I heard someone say...."That's easy when your life is together.... she has no idea what I'm going through and what I am facing today...."  You're right.  I don't know what you're going through.  But what I do know is that in the midst of all the things that "appear" to be surrounding me, that those that are for me are greater than those that are against me.  I can see in the spirit the mountain full of angels and chariots of fire and I will not be moved from my place of peace in this season.  What I know is that my situation has looked dire for some time, yet I'm still here.  What I know is that GOD has not and will never fail me.  What I've learned is to rest in HIS peace even when it seems like I'm out of time.  

It is no longer just a church cliche' for me anymore.  You know......"GOD may not come when you want HIM to, but HE's always on time!"  I believe that those words must have been spoken years ago by someone who called on GOD and waited on HIM.  Yet, the time came and went, yet they kept waiting on HIM.  They kept on waiting and then when HE came, they realized and accepted that HIS timing is perfect; that HE knows all and knows best.  They must have found, like I have, that GOD gives only HIS best to HIS children.  I am sure they know that they're battle was never about them, but about HIM getting all Glory.  I am sure they understand like I do this day, why GOD offered up Job, them, me and you to the enemy.  For GOD knows what HE has placed on the inside of all of us.  Now we know it, and today hell knows it too!

Stay focused!  Stay encouraged and whatever you do; stay at peace!



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